doing my best hugh dancy impression;
the carpet in phoenix has little planes on it!

doing my best hugh dancy impression;
the carpet in phoenix has little planes on it!

uglyfun replied to your post:last-minute packing for california! I’ll be in…

we’ll all be at babscon in SF! Are you going there? If not, we will be going out for dinner in a group at least one of the nights. Let me know if you’d like to come!

I should be there! I’ll pm you my deets but I’m sure we’ll run into each other as well.

Travel update: I have safely arrived in phoenix. Leaving in an hour; another two hours in the air and I’ll be in california.

last-minute packing for california!

I’ll be in San Francisco/Oakland/bay area all week (wednesday-sunday) so if you want to hang out, hit me up.

So, hamlet is over!

It was a really fun show, overall, and a really rewarding experience to be a part of. Hard work, good payoff, the great reassurance that those two things are connected - it’s all good. But I’m kind of ashamed. During the swordfight today, Laertes charged me - as he always does - but I was too quick to step into the line, and too slow to actually parry the foil, so… I got stabbed, hard, right in the stomach. 

I was wearing my binder, so there was extra padding underneath the dress shirt, which may have helped dissipate some of the force of the blow - but it hurts a lot more than I expected it to, and four hours later, I’m surprised. And also… put out. I don’t know. This is what I’m supposed to be good at. Clever, and safe. It’s probably best that I was the one who got stabbed, and I know I’m a better choreographer than I am a fencer (or an actor, for that matter), but still.

A young man stands alone in his bedroom.  Or, with his cat, at least.


something is weird as fuck in the state of denmark, and it’s got a donkey’s head

My three looks for Hamlet! Slightly out of order:

A burgundy, square, wool tie highlights an otherwise monochrome black look from my entrance  to the end of the nunnery scene; the epaulets do pretty good work as the sleeves progressively get rolled up.

The collar pops up and open with the vest from “speak the speech” through into the second act when I am sent for england, at which point -

A silk scarf and leather jacket combine well for the outdoor scenes and necessary violence of the play’s ending sequences.

just got home from The Twelfth Night and it was so!! good!!!

idc what you say breeches roles are fascinating and the ladies just absolutely KILLED it. Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, with Maria providing diegetic violin + a beautiful, low tessitura; Viola and Olivia had great chemistry, Sir Toby could take a hit, Malvolio like a black-suited (yellow stockinged) stick insect,

I just had coffee for the first time since august, I’m so excited!

"Cake To Bake", i.e. Latvia’s entry to this year’s Eurovision.

(happy birthday)