I was raised among people skeptical of a canon that had long been skeptical of them.

-Ta-Nehisi Coates, (x)

Elegante pres d’une Source, Georges de Feure


Elegante pres d’une Source, Georges de Feure

is there an AP recommended usage for “satan” vs “lucifer” in reference to arbi-canonical texts? “orchestral satan, weeping many a rood” says joyce, so so do I.

I got an ask about a year and a half ago that was like “Why do you run away from everything?” 

which was really a non sequitur at the time but I wrote a really long response to it which was mostly about satan and the garden of eden and the act of running away in comparison to banishment and like the history of banishment as a cultural connostrat but like, that’s awfully narcissistic.

sometimes I like to switch up between actively and passively running away from everything


Autumn Apples by Claire J (Jemsabell)


Autumn Apples by Claire J (Jemsabell)

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506 Plays


The final boss is delivering another one of his flamboyant speeches upon the castle steps.


trying to choose classes for this semester, i’ve never felt this mortal

i wish i had any idea at all about a major

My recommendation for a fall schedule:

  • MATH 115 (QR) 
  • PHYS 180 (SC) 
  • LING 253 (SO) 
  • FREN L?? (whatever you’re in) 
  • and a PHIL class to get you started on Humanities.

I can’t recommend Shelly Kagan and Joshua Knobe enough - so if you can manage PHIL 175/176/180, do it for sure. The MATH and PHYS classes have a spring counterpart, so you can either decide “this is great” and keep going through PHYS, or say “this is enough!” and have your QR+SC requirements handled.